The Book Is Launched!

If there is a need to work on your Attitude and Behavior to ensure sustainable character building, go on reading this post.

Without doubt, one of the biggest key to have success in all areas of live is to build great character through positive attitude and good behavior. The development of character has to be from young, where parents and later schools play a pivotal role. Hence the Author Asohan Satkunasingham has captured the essence of character building in a catchy formula in his book titled “A+B=C™, Practical Guide for Students to Develop Attitude and Behavior for Character Building”.  The book is targeted for students. It is about developing their Attitude and Behavior for Character Building. Student with positive character traits will be contributors to the future workforce and nation.

In a world too focused on material development, other aspects of personal development have taken a back stage. We are all aware that nation building can only be sustained with people of good character. Good or great leadership is all about character. The Author beliefs that with character all is gained, without it, all is lost”.

The book consists of eight chapters. It starts with an introduction to single out the importance of education in character building. The following four chapters are focused on students who are the primary target group. The author has taken steps to guide students on how to develop attitude, behavior and build character excellence. The author also guides the student to embark on a character transformation journey. Two chapters are dedicated to the parents as molder of a child’s character and the teacher’s role to enhance this character. The book concludes by realizing character building is effective when the student himself is willing to be developed into the character he wishes.

The book is supported by a website Here there are four bonuses given to students to further assist them to build the desired character. The bonuses are:

Bonus #1: Your Personal Character Checklist. The student will print this checklist and monitors the progress of his pursuit in character building.

Bonus #2: Student Trust Level Indicator. As trust determines relationship, this survey will determine whether a student is a trust builder, doubter or destroyer. The test shall be repeated after 1 year to assess the progress.

 Bonus #3: Character Building Reports. This is a report from the VIA Institute of Character in Ohio, USA. The report will show a student’s top five character strength.

 Bonus #4: ‘Habeat’ Program. This is a 48 days program to imbue the student with good habits and beat off bad habits.

 Once a student completes the book, they will be able to:

  • Understand that character is built over a time period and must be sustainable.
  • Realize with being aware that attitude is everything.
  • Believe that teachers actually are doing great work in building a student’s character.
  • Know parents are actually the greatest strengthener in molding a child’s character.
  • Affirm that schools are the best place to develop attitude and behavior.
  • Make them responsible and held accountable to build their own character.

The book without any doubt will be able to uphold and promote the National Education Philosophy of Malaysia, moving in tandem with the J.E.R.I.S requirement (Jasmani, Emosi, Rohani, Intelek and Sosial).

The book is available at major bookstores. Retailed at RM39.90.