Growing Soft Skills

We believe people development is a long-haul process. At the same time, a few organisations seek immediate results from investments in training to address their business needs. We strive to create as far as practicable, a balance between the people development journey and training investment outcomes through our soft-skills or intervention programs.

Career Success is a blend of hard work, technical strength and soft skills development translating to organisational effectiveness

Areas of Soft Skills Development

1. Organisational Culture

We compliment the existing Company’s culture and assist to develop a winning culture proposition that is intervowen in employees to create a sense of purpose and engagement for organisational effectiveness.

2. People Management

We help those tasked with managing people in their role on training, developing and motivating employees to optimise their performance for organisational effectiveness. Our programs cover the entire employee life cycle to provide better appreciation on people management.

3. Corporate Character

We help bring out the attributes that differentiate an organisation’s distinctiveness beyond its product or services. The programs are intended to sum everything an organisation’s management and employees say and do, extending to upheld beliefs, professed values and ways of behaviour for visibility and explicitly.

4. Communication Skills

We help to improve interaction and develop the ability of “listening to understand” by enhancing communication competencies of employees in the organisation to meet business communication expectations.

5. Personal Branding

We help people develop a particular persona around their name. This persona can then be used to relay what one communicates, their personality, values and skills. It helps to build confidence in people in serving organisations. We subscribe to the believe that “we create customer experience by branding your employees as ambassadors”

6. Collaborative Work Systems

We help organisations to enhance their existence and purpose by aligning people with work processes that complements the vision and mission for greater collaboration within an organisation. This program creates an avenue for goals effectiveness, flexibility, staying relevant with the technology disruptions and improve work processes by working consistently on the basic systems for organisational excellence.

We provide a glimpse of the topics we cover in each of the areas of soft skills development. If any of these topics are highlighted in your training needs analysis, we are pleased to provide a detailed proposal on how to address and remedy the identified performance gap.

1. Organisational Culture:

  • Building a Winning Performance Culture

  • Culture for Organisational Performance

  • Change Leadership

  • Building a Workforce of Choice, Chance and Change

  • Enhancing Vision and Embedding Culture for Organisational Effectiveness

  • Stakeholder Engagement for Business Excellence

  • 10 Actionable Steps to Improve Company’s Culture

  • Servant Leadership – Work or Serve?

  • Transformational and Transactional Leadership

2. People Management:

  • Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Competency Based Interview

  • Managing People for Organisational Performance

  • Managing Stress to Enhance Productivity

  • Creating a Compelling Employee Value Proposition

  • Design, Develop and Implement a Compensation and Benefits System

  • Drafting of Charge sheet and Conducting Effective Inquiry

  • Performance Management: "How To Conduct" Series

  • Creating a Safe & Conducive Working Environment -The Relevance to Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

  • Coaching on Performance Improvement Plans

  • Financial Management for HR Managers

  • Line Managers -Developing Today's People for Tomorrow's Workforce

  • Managing Performance: Design, Develop and Implement Competencies

3. Corporate Character :

  • Building a Customer Driven Organisation

  • Facilitating Business Plan Meetings for Senior Management

  • Business Ethics

  • Define, Activate and Align Values

  • The Influence of Corporate Character on Customers and Employees

  • Charactervity Is True Productivity

4. Communication Skills:

  • Assertive Communication

  • Effective Communication

  • Cross Culture Communication

  • Cross Generational Communication

  • Managing Conflict and Crisis

  • Listen to Understand

  • Business English

  • Follow-up and Follow Through

5. Personal Branding:

  • Building Your Employees as Ambassadors

  • Image Enhancement for Personal Effectiveness

  • Vroom to Groom

  • Own the Difference, Build Your Unique Value Proposition

  • Social Media Branding

6. Collaborative Work Systems:

  • Operational Excellence

  • Design Thinking for Human Resources

  • Building Your Own Web for Collaboration

  • Enhancing HR Processes for Collaboration

  • Building High Performance Collaborative Teams