Human Resource Retainer Services for Small-Medium Enterprise (SME)

A. What is ‘HR Retainer Service’?

‘HR Retainer’, by Allways People is a unique, versatile partnership arrangement whereby a SME can tap into a dedicated HR specialist for a pre-determined number of hours when HR support and advice is required. For an annual fee as stated in F below, we will provide practical people support on any day-to-day or complex people related issues.

B. Why have ‘retained’ support?

‘HR Retainer’ service provides SME with the support and confidence they need when dealing with various people related matters, which is a core business of Allways People. This allows a SME to have focus on their core business for better productivity.

C. Who should use ‘HR Retainer’?

The ‘HR Retainer’ is for s SME that needs HR support but do not require a full time resource. It is best suited for the business with no HR support or a small HR team. The ‘HR Retainer’ provides the expertise and services of a dedicated practitioner without directly employing a full time resource.

D. What are the benefits of ‘HR Retainer’?

  • Responsive people support from qualified and dedicated HR practitioner/s.
  • Having access to an experienced HR practitioner without adding headcount.
  • Quality HR coaching and mentoring.
  • A second (or sometimes a first) opinion on HR and related compliance matters.
  • Advice on mitigating people-related commercial risk.
  • Consistent and reliable support at a reasonable fixed cost.
  • Cost predictability.

E. How ‘HR Retainer’ can support your business?

When it comes to people related issues, Allways People will be able to provide support across a broad spectrum of issues. Although the list is endless, here are just a few examples:

  • Performance Management.
  • Compensation and Benefits.
  • Compliance with Industrial Relations legislation matters.
  • Mentoring and coaching Managers, where necessary.
  • Grievances and dispute management.
  • Policy Advice.
  • Attraction, selection and retention.

F. What is our Retainer Fee Structure?

  • One Time entrance fees of RM100.00.
  • Annual Fees.
SME Category Sales Turnover and Number of Full-Time employees Annual Fees
I Sales turnover less than RM1 million with less than 50 full-time employees RM2,200
II Sales turnover more than RM1 million but less than RM5 million with between 50 to 150 full-time employees RM3,600
*Note: Anything above the prescribed sales turnover and number of full-time employees are subject to negotiated and agreed fees.

G. Worried about the transition to ‘HR Retainer’?

Keep worries aside and reach us for an obligation free discovery session to find out how we can establish a partnership on your people related matters.