Steve Job said that "innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower". According to Michael Porter, "Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity". Hence at Allways People, we believe that placing emphasis on innovative products will equip people to be further developed in all ways by embracing key technologies.

We have through our business collaboration, currently lined-up 3 products to complement our quest in promoting technology. From time to time, we will introduce more products to meet the future technology trends so that people development become more wholesome as they embrace key technology as part of enhancing their competencies.

Our partner, Pentagon Digital was incorporated in 2012 with a few IT Professionals, Business Consultants and Investors to bring the best technological gadgets to society. Building on the "Lets Leap in Tomorrow“, it serves the Singapore, Malaysia and Indian market and brings only highly relevant unique products to society. Together with Pentagon Digital, Allways People is in a mission to enhance peoples live through these innovative products.

1. Smart TV Device that will convert your normal TV to a smart TV meaning you are able to function your TV similar to your personal computer.

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2. Pocket-size Mini Projector. Now your projector becomes mobile. Helping you to present anywhere at any time.

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3. Scanner Mouse. Now you can scan from a mouse without requiring a scanner machine. What more, you could also amend your scanned document which traditional scanners will not allow a pdf version to be amended.